on this, the day of my angband’s wedding

 I promised to post elves this month) This is Maedhros, if you do not know him by sight.

the music of the ainur appreciation post

Lynch, wtf are you doing to me? (don’t talk like that to your requesters, off, bad deviant).

Okay, it’s an option on Patreon, right? A kind of a promise to draw sketches for those of the corresponding tier once a month, so I’m drawing. NO. It’s a lie and there are no excuses for drawing a strange sketch at 1 AM after talking to a certain person %) I guess it’s my own personal brand of…Well, a supplier of some special weed.

Here is a picture (drawn within 10 minutes with left foot) by an unknown artist inspired by an unknown stranger – Gavin Reed and existential crisis. 

– How should I know the right moment has come?

Dreamworks, let me go

just get in the goddamn robot, someone dies


in soviet russia, the siege of utumno the tolkien estate files a lawsuits you

Spiderman: Far From Home reminds me a lot of the scene in Lord of the Rings where Boromir does his whole ring monologue, if Frodo had said, “you know what, that sounds great. You totally should have the ring. Here you go. I can’t want to see what you do with this.”

when no one was looking, maedhros looses a limb took forty cakes.
they took 40 cakes.
that’s as many as four tens.
and that’s terrible.