Category: Witch King

Elrond: The Company of the Ring shall be Nine; and the Nine Walkers shall be set against the Nine Riders that are evil.

Pippin: Which of us is set against the Witch King specifically? I don’t want it to be me. Merry can do it, though.

If Bilbo feels like he is butter scraped over too much bread, how much bread does Frodo feel like he is butter that has been scraped over, by the end of the Return of the King? What about Gollum? What about the Witch King?

Please answer below, writing your answer in the form of slices of bread. 

“…Sauron arose again, and declared himself openly; and he
re-entered Mordor long prepared for him.”

Witch King: you filled the fridge with seltzer, right?

orc: yeah

Witch King: and you made sure it was strawberry flavored? That’s his favorite. 

orc: yes

Witch King: alright, just making sure.