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The entire conversation between Bilbo and Gandalf about going on an adventure, except it’s Morgoth trying to convince Ungoliant to attack Valinor with him. 

Tolkien gets a lot of credit for the work that he put into crafting the sounds of names (“Ungoliant” sounds evil, “Galadriel” sounds beautiful, etc.) but as far as I’m concerned, his best named character ever was Bilbo’s dad. Bungo is boring from the first syllable. Amazing.

1) Ungoliant: “hungered for light and hated it”

2) Smeagol: “[had] come to love and hate the Ring, just as he loved and hated himself”

3) Guy who you just turned down: said you’re ugly and no one wants you anyways

Elrond: Of the fate of Ungoliant no tale tells. Yet some have said
that she ended long ago, when in her uttermost famine she devoured herself at last.

Bilbo: *putting quill down* wait, what do you mean ‘some have said’? Do you guys not know what happened to one of the most evil creatures ever?

Elrond: Not really, but we haven’t seen her since, so this is probably what happened.

Bilbo: Didn’t you tell me earlier that Manwe can see everything?

Elrond: Yeah?

Bilbo: *sigh* Just keep talking. What happened next?

The Silmarillion says Ungoliant took the form of a giant spider, but since she was the first, technically spiders take the shape of a small Ungoliant