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The Silmarillion aesthetics | Valinor | Turgon and Elenwë

for @nolofinwean-week  |
Day 3 – Turgon & Elenwë



the success of Fëanorian Week and Gondolin Week with so many support and love from
you guys, and for tons of messages we ( @windrelyn ) have received since yesterday asking if
we are going to celebrate Nolofinwëan Week, we decided that…YES! We’re in!

Week 2019 will happen from August 4th
to August 10th, 2019
* for full seven days! Details for each day
is as follow.

Day 1 – August 4th: Fingolfin &

Day 2 – August 5th: Fingon

Day 3 – August 6th: Turgon & Elenwë

Day 4 – August 7th: Aredhel

Day 5 – August 8th: Argon

Day 6 – August 9th: Idril

Day 7 – August 10th: Maeglin

choose this particular period because it includes number “456”, which was the
year our High King Fingolfin challenged the Dark Lord Morgoth.

forms of fan works: edits, fanfics, meta, fan art, video, etc. is accepted and

To participate, please add #nolofinweanweek
to your posts.

As always, our box is open for any questions and suggestions!

The Silmarillion aesthetic | T u r g o n | King of Gondolin, The Hidden King

He was tall, wearing white with a gold belt and a crown of garnets, holding the Staff of Doom in his hand. At his side was Glamdring, the Foe-hammer.

the inspiring sources: (x), (x)

Turgon. Concept for “Shores of Mithrim” from “Journey to the Middle-Earth” cosplay project.

More art: ALES

Turgon. Concept for “Shores of Mithrim” from “Journey to the Middle-Earth” cosplay project.

More art: ALES

I don’t care that “doom” also means judgment, when I read that Turgon had a “staff of doom” I picture him as a lvl 25 rpg wizard, and nothing can stop that. 

The Silmarillion aesthetic |
the wife of Turgon


followed her family to the departure of the Noldor from Aman.

is the only known full Vanya who accompanied the Flight of the Noldor and came under the Doom of Mandos. As

died before reaching Middle-earth, no Vanya is specifically known to have returned to Middle-earth (excepting the Valinorean army of the War of Wrath).

She was one of the Vanyar, and her golden hair passed to Idril her daughter. Elenwë perished in the crossing of the Helcaraxë and
Turgon was nearly lost himself in attempts to rescue her.

The Silmarillion aesthetic | Idril Celebrindal, the daughter of Turgon

But fairer than all the wonders of Gondolin was Idril, Turgon’s
daughter, she that was called Celebrindal, the Silver-foot, whose hair
was as the gold of Laurelin before the coming of Melkor.


The Silmarillion meme | Military AU: The Fall of Gondolin

Turgon 3D Render – Turnaround:

Fantastic Turgon by breogan!