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The Middle-Earth aesthetic | M i r k w o o d |…

The Middle-Earth aesthetic | M i r k w o o d |

The Silvan Elves | A u t u m n


Genie: And your next wish, sir? Again, if you desire, I can fix all of the climate problems, end world hunger, or create homes for everyone.

Me: I want a full-length comedy movie, starring Martin Freeman, about all of Bilbo’s crazy adventures while he was living in the halls of the Wood King. 


When Thranduil read in the Hobbit that burgling his halls was “the most boring part of the adventure” for Bilbo, he must have been incensed! His halls are beautiful, filled with food, wine, and merriment! There was so much to steal! How could Bilbo not appreciate it? Rude!

bestofleepace: The Elvenking thanks for inspir…


The Elvenking

thanks for inspiration: (x)

bestofleepace: The King of Mirkwood ..ancient…


The King of Mirkwood

..ancient magic and witchcraft lived in these forests under the stars

The Middle-Earth aesthetic | M i r k w o o d |…

The Middle-Earth aesthetic | M i r k w o o d | 

Midsummer Night

Flames are dancing in the night
The shadows seem to be alive
The forest is calling my name
Midsummer Night


Elf guard: hey, did Thranduil do that thing where he dramatically reveals that his face is all burned up?

Thorin: yeah, it really took me by surprise. 

Elf guard: get used to it, he does it during every conversation. I see that thing like 5 times a day. 

The Middle-Earth aesthetic | The Elvenkingfant…

The Middle-Earth aesthetic | The Elvenking

fantastic art Thranduil by


Thorin: Have you ever heard the prophecy about what will happen when the world ends? It is said that a giant battle will occur, and the forces of good will defeat evil. Then all of the races will come together, and be made young and new. And we dwarves will help Aule to reshape the earth again. 

Thranduil: *tearing up* that’s kind of beautiful

Thorin: anyways I’m going to tell Aule to just destroy this stupid woods and castle because they’re dumb and I hate you. 

Thranduil: and now it’s not beautiful anymore. 

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@avadas requested – thranduil

“Such is the nature of evil. Out there in the vast ignorance of the world it festers and spreads. A shadow that grows in the dark.”