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The Middle-Earth aesthetic | The Hobbit: An U…

The Middle-Earth aesthetic |
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


Elf guard: hey, did Thranduil do that thing where he dramatically reveals that his face is all burned up?

Thorin: yeah, it really took me by surprise. 

Elf guard: get used to it, he does it during every conversation. I see that thing like 5 times a day. 



Don’t leave me here alone.


Thorin: Have you ever heard the prophecy about what will happen when the world ends? It is said that a giant battle will occur, and the forces of good will defeat evil. Then all of the races will come together, and be made young and new. And we dwarves will help Aule to reshape the earth again. 

Thranduil: *tearing up* that’s kind of beautiful

Thorin: anyways I’m going to tell Aule to just destroy this stupid woods and castle because they’re dumb and I hate you. 

Thranduil: and now it’s not beautiful anymore. 



claim? you have no claim over me!



We make our own luck.

melianinarda: ‘I have faced the great serpents…


‘I have faced the great serpents of the North’

art by Toby Lewin


“There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after.”

– Thorin, in the Hobbit, perfectly summarizing Sauron and Saruman’s actions in the Lord of the Rings. 



i know that’s how you must honour him, but to me, he was never that. he was… to me… he was—

elfmaidens: HANDS TOO SMALL TO HOLD IT (Bilbo …


HANDS TOO SMALL TO HOLD IT (Bilbo and Thorin survive: all is not forgiven)

“If this is victory, then our hands are too small to hold it.”
— J.R.R. Tolkien

                              In the end, he leaves you. 
    There are nights spent, of course, where they tried to play at what they were before. Sharing a bed, but rarely sleeping. Thorin stares at the ceiling; Bilbo stays at the desk composing something. Elegies, he says. For whom he does not say. 
    (When Bilbo does sleep, he nightmares of hanging from the ramparts above the vast, starless dark of the mountain. Sometimes Thorin reaches for him, attempts to rouse him: Bilbo always flinches awake and bats him away, almost snarling.) 
    The morning comes. He takes Sting, and a small chest of gold: but refuses the mithril. I am glad to have shared in your perils, Bilbo tells him at the gate, his speech halted, careful. (He does not add and in your heart. He is not glad for that, after all) Though I regret it must end bitterly. 
    And he turns. Leaves. The love he had for Thorin is buried in winter, nearly a year after the quest began. For a long time, Thorin stands at the gates. He does not feel the cold.
                                  (He leaves you. Doesn’t everyone, in the end?)