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Royals are here. I made a bet that if there will be no one to take
Fingon’s role in winter travels in Middle-earth world, I will take it.
So I think you’ve guessed already %)

Costume of Noldor exiles
for passing through nasty ice. How many wolves tails were taken for the
cloak’s trims You shouldn’t have howled at night- it is so gloomy even
without you. I cant get rid of the habit of drawing him in tribal
motives and adding red accents to blue. The set is: shirt, thick pants,
padded quilted vest, belt, gloves, high half gloves, massive cloak from
blue wool with huge hood and some other little details)

My favorite time is when the new season of Travels approaches. This
time we are going to visit place called Grinding Ice. So here is new
requested concept of Glorfindel for Alexei (who will take his role
during this journey). Pants with lacing, long
shirt with stand collar, warm thick vest with belts, waistband with
armorial clamp, gloves and quilted arm warmers on top. Cape made of
bright thin wool with fur collar. Swim with Aeroflot trains >: 3

The Middle-Earth aesthetics | Tolkien (2019)



Fandom: Silmarillion, © ALEF Club, Journey to The Middle-Earth Project

Feanor —   The King.  Fingolfin — Mara. Photo—ALES.  Mua — The King. Workshop

Journey to Gondolin concept for Vorsh. This is a daily sentinel cloak that can be either short or long with the help of a specially-attached lower layer.

This concept was made up for the House of Trees, so this piece should be convenient for a rider: there is a possibility to cover the shoulders and head, but to leave hands uncovered and even to remove the long “tail” of the cloak. The shirt is not white because, once again, the people of this House often deal with horses and it is unlikely that a fair thing will be convenient for work)

Caranthir aka Morio (if you are close, really close). 

Caranthir is somehow underestimated by fandom, and HOW WRONG IT IS. Look at the hottie. I can’t help imagining a glass of wine in his hand.

“You smell like a human”

A concept art of Halathirno’s (aka Laireel the Kingfish).

Thirno is a loyal subordinate of The House of the Swallow. The House of archer elves, swift, dexterous, often of Sindar origin.

The Silmarillion aesthetics |

M a e g l i n

for @nolofinwean-week  |  Day 7 – Maeglin

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