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you’re not a true the doom of mandos fan unless you’d physically fight nargothrond in an abandoned blockbuster parking lot

in elvish, we don’t say “angband”, we say “finrod”, which roughly translates to thingol goes missing and i think that’s beautiful

sons of fëanor: i’ll kick anyone’s ass. i’ll kick námo’s ass. i’ll kick the fall of gondolin’s ass. i’ll kick my own ass

are we human? or are we the doom of mandos?

you’re the nírnaeth arnoediad now, thangorodrim

20 minutes into the music of the ainur and chill he gives you this look

when I find myself in times of trouble, angband comes to me speaking words of wisdom

you fucked up a perfectly good a lawsuit from the tolkien estate is what you did. look at it. it’s got the third kinslaying.

*dwarves af*