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The Silmarillion aesthetics |

M a e g l i n

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The Silmarillion aesthetics | Idril Celebrindal

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The Silmarillion aesthetics |

A r a k a n o

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Day 5 – Argon

The Silmarillion aesthetics | Valinor | Turgon and Elenwë

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Day 3 – Turgon & Elenwë

The Silmarillion aesthetics |

Fingon The Valiant

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Day 2 – Fingon

The Silmarillion aesthetics | I LOVE YOU 3000 | Nolofinwë


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Day 1 –  Fingolfin &

The Silmarillion aesthetic | The Hidden Kingdom | The Dreams of Doriath

..and this inner land, which was long named Eglador, was after called Doriath, the guarded kingdom, Land of the Girdle.

The Silmarillion aesthetic | F i n g o l f i n |

Time stands still

of all Noldor
A star in the night and a bearer of hope
He rides into his glorious battle alone
Farewell to the valiant warlord

Blind Guardian – Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)

art Silmarillion Heraldry by Aglargon

The Silmarillion aesthetic | The Teleri

but most of all they sailed in their swift ships…

or walked in the waves upon the shore with their hair gleaming in the

(J.R.R.Tolkien, The Silmarillion)


“Thus he came alone to Angband’s gates, and he sounded his horn, and smote once more upon the brazen doors, and challenged Morgoth to come forth to single combat. And Morgoth came.

“Fingolfin gleamed beneath it as a star; for his mail was overlaid with silver, and his blue shield was set with crystals; and he drew his sword Ringil, that glittered like ice.”


THE GREATEST KING! The true High King of the Noldor ever.

Stunning art, real Nolofinwe!