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Before Sam went to Valinor, he made sure to go back to Cirith Ungol to finish what he started…

After the fall of Sauron, all of the other big malevolent creatures in Middle Earth – Shelob, the Watcher in the Water, any Balrogs – met in Mordor to have a giant battle to establish a new evil ruler. 

Me: obviously shelob counts as a kaiju. But what about the Balrog? Does that feel right to you?

Barber: I meant what are you thinking about in terms of a haircut.

It’s a little disappointing that, when facing Shelob, Frodo didn’t use Bilbo’s advice and taunt her with “Attercop” and “Tomnoddy.”

The name “Shelob” leads me to believe that she was originally a giant female lobster, but was apparently changed to a spider at the last moment. 

The orcs of Cirith Ungol refer to Shelob as “Her Ladyship,” which isn’t a word I’d really expect orcs to be familiar with

Hey, so I’m gonna be bringing some people over in a little bit, and I need you to do me a no-questions-asked favor and eat them, okay? If you can only eat one of them, make it the smaller one. I can’t tell you why. Just eat them, but not any of their stuff, okay? I..uhh…need it. I’m sure they’re delicious, you’ll love it. I’ll explain later. 

If Tolkien wanted LotR to be a prehistory to our modern times, why did he leave Shelob alive? I am 100% certain I would know about a giant living spider, or a species of giant spiders living in a forest. And also I would never leave my house.