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The rings of power were called that because Sauron had the most JD Power awards for dependability, trust, and influence over the weak


It’s a dangerous business going out your front door. It’s also dangerous not to even have a door at all, because people can sneak into your house and destroy your ancient rings of power. 


Gandalf: Sauron will never suspect that we want to destroy the ring.


Sauron: if someone uses the ring, they become like me. They get my power. I’m awesome. I’m the best. Anyone would want that. Of course someone is gonna use it to challenge me. Everyone wants to be Sauron.

melianinarda: The Silmarillion modern AU aesth…


The Silmarillion modern AU aesthetic | The company of Barahir

..and there Morgoth pursued him to his death, until at last there remained
to him only twelve companions.

But the rumour of the deeds of Barahir and his companions went far and
wide; and Morgoth commanded Sauron to find them and destroy them.


Gandalf: Don’t use the ring, Frodo. Keep it hidden.

Frodo: Why shouldn’t I use it?

Gandalf: if you put it on you become legally married to Sauron. Trust me, you don’t want that.


In the Silmarillion, Sauron catches a man who betrays his people in exchange for asking to see someone he loves again. Sauron informs him that she’s dead, tells him they can still be together, and then kills him. I will sit through a three hour, terrible Silmarillion movie, if they can just do that scene. Please.


Me: So how did Sauron take “upon himself the form
of a werewolf” when a werewolf is a man turned into a wolf? Did he turn himself into a man and then turn himself into a wolf, just to mess with Luthien and Huan? Why not just a wolf then? How do you turn into something that’s already a mix of two things that you’re not either one of?

Christopher Tolkien: How did you get into my home?


Sauron: Oh, there are two creatures walking across my country, carrying literally the most important object in the world? That’s news to me.

Smaug: Someone stole a single cup from my pile of treasure. I can tell it’s missing.


Sauron: I am Annatar, Lord of Gifts

Celebrimbor: oh cool. The first age just ended and it really sucked for us elves. Where were you and your gifts? Also what makes you a lord, exactly?

Sauron: I was…uh…busy. Here’s a cool rock I found. Can you teach me how to make a ring of power?


Because Sauron still existed as a weakend ghost after the destruction of the ring, I like to think that Frodo found him and followed him around, telling him all the times that the ring was close to him and he didn’t know.

“Bilbo wore it in Mirkwood, that was pretty close to Dol Guldur. I was across the river from the Witch King, I guess you knew that. But I was also across the field from him as he left Minas Morgul, and I was right next to the Black Gate. So many times you could have gotten it back! Also I walked across Mordor, that must really bother you. Hey where are you going?”