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Frodo: The ring is mine!

Sam: You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy Sauron, not join him!


Sam: Don’t go where I can’t follow, Mr. Frodo. 

*Many Years Later*

Frodo: Sam I’m sorry, but I’m leaving to go to Valinor. I need a place where I can truly rest. 

*Many Years Later*

Sam: Surprise, motherfucker. 


Sam: I can’t carry it for you, Mr. Frodo. But I can carry you!

Frodo: No Sam, it’s just on a chain, you can easily carry it. Actually you already carried it before, it’s really not a big deal. Just toss it in and we’ll head back.


Sam: Do you think we’ll ever be put into song or story, Mr. Frodo?

Frodo: I’m sure we will, Sam. 

Sam: Do you think, if that happens, the story will include Tom Bombadil? I mean, he seems important to me, sir. 

Frodo: I’m sure any tale about us would have to include old Tom. I mean, how could it not? He helped show us that there was limit to the influence of Sauron’s evil. And during my stay there, it became clear that the ring had a hold over me. It certainly seems like an important scene to add. I just don’t see why he’d be cut from any tale, if you ask me. 


I see the Sam Gamgee quote “It’s the job that’s never started as takes longest to finish,” pretty often online and while it is nice, it’s important to remember that according to some versions of the Silmarillion (and as mentioned in Dwarven legends), in the end of times there will be a giant battle and then the world will be renewed, which means the jobs never started will eventually get finished perfectly if you put them off long enough. It may take the longest but if you put something off forever, eventually the Valar and everyone else will take care of it.

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Samwise Gamgee for @mithrille

I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you!


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Me: So the Fellowship of the Ring originally set out from Rivendell…

My lit professor: yes

Me: But then Frodo and Sam split off into a duo-ship, and then they get Gollum so it becomes a trio-ship? And Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli are also a trio-ship? Is that correct?

My lit professor: not even a little.


It’s 2019 and I’m constantly avoiding carbs and I love sushi so maybe I relate more to Sméagol than Sam Gamgee? Is that possible?

Sam reading Frodo’s writing

“An angry Ent
is terrifying. Their fingers, and their toes, just freeze on to rock; and
they tear it up like bread-crust”

Sam: You have to stop writing when you’re hungry, Mr. Frodo. Have a snack and then get back to it. 


*frodo and sam are lying on a rock as lava flows next to them*

frodo: sam, i need you to do me a favor. tell elrond that i destroyed the ring. dont mention gollum.

sam: what about your missing finger, sir?

frodo: oh jeez, i dont know. say i stuck it in the lava.

sam: why would you do that?

frodo: we’re hobbit, we’ve never seen lava before. maybe i thought it was okay to touch.