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Galadriel: And what gift would suit you, master dwarf?

Gimli: if it’s not too much, I ask the lady for a single strand of hair.

Galadriel: I shall grant you 3 hairs, master dwarf.

Sam: Hey, can iIexchange this box of dirt for some hair, too?

Merry and Pippin: Us too! We’d love a few strands, if you please.

Aragorn: I’ll take 4.

Legolas: I already have a bow, so can I have trade the one you gave me for 6 strands?

Frodo: I’m the ringbearer so I think I deserve at least 10 hairs.

unyielding-as-the-sea: “Oh you can search far …


“Oh you can search far and wide,
You can drink the whole town dry,
But you’ll never find a beer so brown,

Oh you’ll never find a beer so brown,

As the one we drink in our hometown,
As the one we drink in our hometown.
You can drink your fancy ales,
You can drink them by the flagon,
But the only brew for the brave and true…
..Comes from the Green Dragon!



A thousand years this city has stood. Now, at the whim of a madman, it will f a i l.


As a Took, Pippin continued the family tradition of being wealthy, by opening Middle Earth’s first all-you-can-eat-buffet in Gondor. It was incredibly successful. 


Pippin: I couldn’t think of e-lessar person to be king!

King Aragorn: that’s the 10th time you’ve made that joke.  



Home is behind, the world ahead. And there are many paths to tread. Through shadow to the edge of night, until the stars are all alight. Mist and shadow, cloud and shade, all shall fade, all shall fade.



Nine companions. So be it. You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring.


Unsurprisingly, the tale of Pippin tossing a stone down a well and waking the Balrog evolved and changed until future generations said that he purposefully woke it to ask direction out of Moria.


Me: The Perfect Solution Fallacy occurs when a solution should be rejected because some part of the problem would still exist after it were implemented. It’s an example of black or white thinking. An example of it would be when Gandalf says that Glorfindel shouldn’t be in the Fellowship because not even he could storm Mordor, so they might as well take Pippin instead.

My debate professor: look, I’m going to give you a B+ for this presentation but you need to start using examples that aren’t from the Lord of the Rings.

eljahwood: Turn around, take us south.


Turn around, take us south.