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Albino boy Chisaki for a foreign client.

A long time had passed so I can show you this spoiler dude from novel
“DIA”. I haven’t showed him yet. He was on preorder cards or you could
have got him randomly while buying one card.

He is a musician
and was acting like a primadonna, but not without a reason: He has
talent, connections and money. Interesting fact: The reader will never
find out his name. Do you have any thoughts which name will suit him

Since CS I have been requested some animals. So today let’s
rejoice at this colored sketch of this amazing boy. :3 Felix belongs to Oleg Volkov. 

The humanization of good and evil in the universe.
And now seriously
– everyone very sensitive and religious it will be better for you to
close this post right away, because I don’t want to upset or hurt
anyone. For the rest – welcome to the long post about the continuous
weed, which we have grown together.

The story is this: good and
evil must exist in balance on earth. And these two forces always go hand
in hand. A new incarnated Antichrist is born in the world – pure evil
as it is. They learn about it and try to kill him before he does the
work and drags all living things to the Apocalypse. But the law of
equilibrium does not sleep: the antipode of evil sees the attempt of
murder by coincidence, that one. And saves him.

He drags the guy
to the hospital, fiddles with him, gets acquainted, they have long
conversations. Jess persuades his parents to take custody of the guy,
feeling a connection with him. They live like brothers – different, like
day and night, but absolutely complementary to each other. Evil with an
angelic appearance having warmth to another being awoken. And good with
the habits of a bully, in which the interest in attracting darkness
explodes. And while they are near, neither evil nor good can conquer.
The world finds a precarious balance. One poisons the other. Another
protects and warms the first.

 I’m not into sweet pretty-boys. And that’s how Dia looks. But it was me who brought him up and I know what is hidden under his skin and why he looks like this. That’s why I might love him the most out of my characters. Dia is a really gifted singer, a moralist (even though he doesn’t look like one). He is a stubborn, proud-hearted person devoted to what he does. His success is based on all-time work and his charisma power, not on money and pre-recorded tapes.

Possess and eye him, my dear, the dude is yours >:3

Here is the cyborg being chased by the cop. His name is Corai. His father is Turkish, mother – German. This character felt alien to me. Cuz there is this NEON thing. I mean my usual faded colours do not fit in and I had to… contrive a bit %)

Continuing posting original stories. This is a cop. Absolutely my type of character, easy to draw and to colour as the colours are the ones I’m used to… You’ll understand why I mentioned it. So, this cop is chasing a cyborg. 

Positive music and pics are back! I’m gonna post several finished commissions for Jarvis Stark. I won’t tag the owner of the characters, just remember that this guy + next two guys belong to him)

This is Christy Walsher, a surgeon, partly Irish. Also he is the boyfriend of that guy with Bible writings on his neck. To be sure %) There is also a “work-in-progress” tutorial, you-know-where it can be found.

A girl requested by Midgard’s Daughter. Her name is Winter, very beautiful and of character >:3 Everybody has such dope OCs, wanna draw them infinitely *O*