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In the Silmarillion, the Sun is created and launched, and before that there’s just stars. The rising of the sun for the first time gave light to all of Middle Earth, and is probably remembered as a day of mass genocide for the Trolls, many of whom presumably turned to stone.


Elvish Lesson #13

Mith [Sindarin]

= ‘Grey’

For further reference:

  • Mithrandir (One of Gandalf’s many names; ‘Grey Wanderer’)
  • Mithlond (‘Grey Havens’)

Tolkien Aesthetic | May 2018, part II

Tolkien Aesthetic | May 2018, part II

Tolkien aesthetic | May ‘18 Featured: – The U…

Tolkien aesthetic | May ‘18

– The Unfinished Tales, JRR Tolkien
– Moleskine, The Hobbit edition


Update on ‘Elvish Lessons’:

Hi there, fellow Tolkien-enthusiasts.

From now on, I will be posting ‘Elvish Lessons’ on a weekly basis.

If you have any particular Elvish words or names in mind that you want me to research, I will be happy to take them into account.

As you may have noticed, the words included in my ‘Elvish Lessons’ so far have only included those of the Sindarin language. Please let me know if you’re interested in learning more about Quenya as well, and I will look into it (although the resources may be more limited in comparison to Sindarin).

I would like to say that ‘Elvish Lessons’ has really taken off since I first started it and I’m glad so many of you are enjoying them.

Kind regards,

The Tolkien Enthusiast 🍂


Elvish Lesson #12

Edain [Sindarin]

= ‘Men’ (Race of)

The Middle-Earth aesthetic | The magic of Mirk…

The Middle-Earth aesthetic | The magic of Mirkwood


Elvish Lesson #11

Las [Sindarin]

= ‘Leaf’

For further reference:

  • Legolas (‘Greenleaf’)
  • Athelas (commonly known as ‘Kingsfoil’; ‘Helpful leaf’)


Athelas: Aragorn’s Solution to (Almost) Every Problem:

Person: Aragorn, we have a problem—

Aragorn: Athelas.

Person: But—

Aragorn: Athelas!


Elvish Lesson #10

Galad [Sindarin]

= ‘Light’

For further reference:

  • Galadriel (‘Lady of Light’)