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Tolkien Aesthetic | July 2018 ~ Lothlórien ~ …

Tolkien Aesthetic | July 2018
~ Lothlórien ~

“I sang of leaves, of leaves of gold, and leaves of gold there grew” — Galadriel

The Middle-Earth aesthetic | H a r a d Harad, …

The Middle-Earth aesthetic | H a r a d

Harad, fully named Haradwaith, was the immense realm located south of Gondor and Mordor. The Men of Harad were called Southrons or Haradrim. Harad lay between the sea of Umbar to its west and Khand to its northeast, and was divided into two main provinces: Near Harad, which was the closest to both Mordor and Gondor, and Far Harad, nearest to the land of Umbar.

The Middle-Earth aesthetic | Ithilien, Henne…

The Middle-Earth aesthetic |
Henneth Annûn

| F a r a m i r

However the Stewards of Gondor still kept scouts in Ithilien (or Moon-land
in Sindarin), based at secret locations such as Henneth Annûn (the name means Window of the Sunset), which were built shortly after 2901. In 2954 Mount Doom burst into flame and those few farmers who remained fled Westward over the Anduin, leaving only the Rangers behind to harry the servants of Sauron.

siriuxs: T h e  H o u s e  o f  F i n a r f i …


T h e  H o u s e  o f  F i n a r f i n

Like all of Finwë’s sons, Finarfin founded his own house after his marriage to Eärwen daughter of Olwë in YT 1280. The couple had four children: Finrod, Angrod, Aegnor, and Galadriel. Finarfin was said to be the fairest and wisest of Finwë’s sons. Uniquely among the Noldor he and his descendants all had golden hair inherited from his mother, so his house was sometimes called “The Golden House of Finarfin”.

The Silmarillion aesthetic | The First House …

The Silmarillion aesthetic | The First House of The Noldor |


Between the arms of Gelion was the ward of Maglor, and here in one place
the hills failed altogether: there it was that the Orcs came into East
Beleriand before the Third Battle. Therefore the Noldor held strength of
cavalry In the plains at that place; and the people of Caranthir fortified the
mountains to the east of Maglor’s Gap.

The Middle-Earth aesthetic | The Elvenkingfant…

The Middle-Earth aesthetic | The Elvenking

fantastic art Thranduil by


Looking to crowdsource a trip to France so I can ask Christopher Tolkien if there are raccoons in Middle Earth. It’s important for a fic I’m writing. Please donate, this is important and I don’t have a lot of time.  

The Silmarillion aesthetic | The First House o…

The Silmarillion aesthetic | The First House of The Noldor | Maedhros

But Maedhros restrained his brothers, and they departed from the council, and soon afterwards they left Mithrim and went eastward beyond Aros to the wide lands about the Hill of Himring. That region was named thereafter the March of Maedhros; for northwards there was little defence of hill or river against assault from Angband. There Maedhros and his brothers kept watch, gathering all such people as would come to them, and they had few dealings with their kinsfolk westward, save at need. It is said indeed that Maedhros himself devised this plan, to lessen the chances of strife, and because he was very willing that the chief peril of assault should fall upon himself.

The Middle-Earth aesthetic | The Elves aesthet…

The Middle-Earth aesthetic | The Elves aesthetic


During the Ainulindalë, like 10 different vala and maia sang about languages that they’d invented. That’s why Middle Earth is like that.