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Guess what was I doing again. I packed a bunch of things by myself. The most agonizing question: “Is it better with a pebble at the top or at the bottom?” x))

They are nicer being coloured, right?) We are arguing and defining them as ice-cream. I insist that Kai is caramel flavour and Arthur is pistachio %)

Took a small break from commissions – and drew my summer boys) I may colour them later but I like them so much now in black and white. I hope you are waiting for the artbook. Cuz I am working on it >:3

Well, I remembered what settings I needed only after finishing 2/3 of the sketch so I gave up and finished it as it is. Anyway, I am just warming up x)) Recollecting what the skill is after spending a month in ancient mountains doesn’t feel that great.

I’ve come from a place where it is summer now and where quite different tales are cherished. About green stones, sea beasts and great heroes, the history of their deeds being written on their bodies. Well, we rewatched “Moana” and I understood that Maui would be played best by Jason Momoa.

u’re welcome