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Manwe could literally see everything and even he had no idea where the two blue wizards went

Gandalf, to Frodo: “But you have been chosen, and you
must therefore use such strength and heart and wits as you have.”

Manwe: We need a new hero who can handle Sauron’s ring.

Yavanna: Oh! Make it a Baggins! Bilbo was great. 

Manwe: Bilbo is too old. 

Tulkas: Then find another Baggins, and we’ll choose them!

*Valar and Maiar chanting*: Make it a Baggins! Make it a Baggins!


Manwe Sulimo


draw him was harded than draw Melkor *tired crying*

Manwe: well well, it looks like the race of Hobbits really saved the 3rd age. How interesting. They truly are a fine group of creatures, it seems. 

Mandos: Truly! The mind of Iluvatar must be great, to have designed them. 

Aule: Hmmm. They’re Short. Hardy. Take a while to fade. I think Iluvatar stole my idea!

Manwe: What?

Aule: I created dwarves, and he wanted some, so he copied them and made Hobbits. 

Mandos: Iluvatar wouldn’t do that. 

Aule: How do you explain Hobbits then? They’re just dwarves but changed a bit! This is very uncool of him. 

Gandalf: *appears in valinor* hey I took on a balrog. We killed each other. Any chance you can send me back?

Manwe: yeah sure. But don’t let it happen again.

*few weeks later*

Gandalf: *appears in valinor again* I…uh…I choked on an olive this time…

The Silmarillion aesthetic |
Eönwë | The mightiest of the Maiar, the Herald of Manwë,

But at the last the might of Valinor came up out of the West, and the challenge of the trumpets of Eönwë filled the sky; and Beleriand was ablaze with the glory of their arms, for the host of the Valar were arrayed in forms young and fair and terrible, and the mountains rang beneath their feet.

J.R.R.Tolkien, The Silmarillion

Feanor: You cannot break open the Silmarils! To do so would kill me!





Manwe: So, uh, are we gonna, or

Elf: hey manwe, you can see everything, right?

Manwe: yes, why?

Elf: can you help me find my favorite whittling knife? I misplaced it.

Manwe: you know, I’m the steward of all of arda. This seems a little trivial.

Elf: why, what else are you doing right now?


Manwe: it’s under your bed…

Yavanna: so i think i should get creatures to protect the woods, like Aule has dwarves for the mountains.

Manwe: okay.

Yavanna: I want them to be really tall. And with giant beards, way bigger than a dwarf’s .

Manwe: uh…sure.

Yavanna: and I want their language to be really hard to learn. even harder than dwarvish.

Manwe: why, exactly?

Yavanna: all of this is very important to me, okay? deal with it. dwarves are dumb.

Elves: hey Manwe, you can see everything. What are the humans up to on Middle Earth?

Manwe: they just invented ice cream

Elves: shit we need to go back. Someone get Cirdan.