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Men being labeled as “doomed to die” in the ring poem is funny because the Doom of Mandos literally says “yet slain ye may be, and slain ye shall be” to the elves. 

Bilbo: It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.

Frodo: That’s a good point, uncle Bilbo. I think I’ll stay indoors where it’s much safer. The outside world is too scary. 

*over in Valinor*

Mandos: Uh…guys, I think we have a problem. 

Mandos: So you created the elves

Iluvitar: yeah

Mandos: Including the noldor

Iluvitar: yeah

Mandos: what the fuck, man?

Manwe: well well, it looks like the race of Hobbits really saved the 3rd age. How interesting. They truly are a fine group of creatures, it seems. 

Mandos: Truly! The mind of Iluvatar must be great, to have designed them. 

Aule: Hmmm. They’re Short. Hardy. Take a while to fade. I think Iluvatar stole my idea!

Manwe: What?

Aule: I created dwarves, and he wanted some, so he copied them and made Hobbits. 

Mandos: Iluvatar wouldn’t do that. 

Aule: How do you explain Hobbits then? They’re just dwarves but changed a bit! This is very uncool of him. 

Feanor: You cannot break open the Silmarils! To do so would kill me!





Manwe: So, uh, are we gonna, or

17? works

Annatar / Melkor / Mandos

Feanor says that he’s gonna be the first elf to die in Aman and Mandos pops in and says “not the first” and literally no one bothers to ask what he means. This is why Morgoth keeps winning.


Mandos: I know that I run the halls of the dead, but since elves are immortal I’m worried that I won’t have a lot to do. 

Illuvitar: trust me that won’t be an issue

Silmarillion artwork series by, Instagram
1. The mansion of the High Airs of Ilmarin
2. The eternal Halls of Mandos
3. The two Trees of Valinor
4. The Undying Lands of the Valar of Valinor