Arthur is dreaming of growing up

To make the difficult easier when he wakes up,

To make the words louder, to give them weight.

He knows, that it isn’t that hard to make.

He knows that to touch the sky you need to dive

Because water reflects both heaven and life

Arthur wants to become like the ancient kings:

Not to be afraid of love, not to lie, not to fear,

His heart does believe that his home is near, that it is within the reach.

Arthur is dreaming of growing up.

And the sun caresses his skin while he’s asleep on the beach.

Here is our boy. If someone has not recognized or is not yet familiar with him – this is the character from the “Green Stone” book

Guess what was I doing again. I packed a bunch of things by myself. The most agonizing question: “Is it better with a pebble at the top or at the bottom?” x))

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They are nicer being coloured, right?) We are arguing and defining them as ice-cream. I insist that Kai is caramel flavour and Arthur is pistachio %)

Took a small break from commissions – and drew my summer boys) I may colour them later but I like them so much now in black and white. I hope you are waiting for the artbook. Cuz I am working on it >:3

Arthur Green left for new lands by the Queen’s order. He was to claim the land as the property of the Crown getting off one of three ships approaching the shore. But they were welcomed by a storm. Arthur’s ship wandered off the others and broke up on the rocks. Part of the crew was able to save themselves by jumping into the water, and so did Arthur. He was hit by a mast underwater but somehow he regained consciousness on the shore.

When he opened his eyes he heard foreign speech. Sailors’ curses, screams and fire shots. Somebody withdrew a knife attempting to kill the stranger. Arthur didn’t want to kill anybody. He wanted to live. He did not reach for a weapon when he was found but grabbed the man’s wrist and asked for a gulp of water.

In the country of green stone there resides a folk of daring madmen. Their ancestors built enormous boats and crossed the ocean to find new land, their new home. They tamed volcanoes, conquered glaciers and built their houses on hot soil in wild wet woods.

This is Kai, a young chief who took the leadership after his father not so long ago. He cherishes the traditions of great ancestors and when there is a storm he takes the tribes to the shore to gather the gifts of the ocean. Once one of the storms brings a shipwreck of a British ship. And keeps one of the sailors alive. Kai thinks he resembles a demon of those with white skin, golden hair and the eyes of one of nature’s elements colour. Kai can kill the demon right away. But lets him have a gulp of fresh water…