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My favorite time is when the new season of Travels approaches. This
time we are going to visit place called Grinding Ice. So here is new
requested concept of Glorfindel for Alexei (who will take his role
during this journey). Pants with lacing, long
shirt with stand collar, warm thick vest with belts, waistband with
armorial clamp, gloves and quilted arm warmers on top. Cape made of
bright thin wool with fur collar. Swim with Aeroflot trains >: 3

Journey to Gondolin concept for Vorsh. This is a daily sentinel cloak that can be either short or long with the help of a specially-attached lower layer.

This concept was made up for the House of Trees, so this piece should be convenient for a rider: there is a possibility to cover the shoulders and head, but to leave hands uncovered and even to remove the long “tail” of the cloak. The shirt is not white because, once again, the people of this House often deal with horses and it is unlikely that a fair thing will be convenient for work)

And this is my gala outfit for Gondolin. Three meters of genuine silky velvet. I just can’t cut costs on outfits. All the year round I’m so thrifty. I eat one time a day not mentioning it’s instant noodles what I eat. But in summer I crave for LUXURY %)

Once in a blue moon my outfit is not the last to be drawn) 

So, casual outfit. To fence, ride and so on. Complex undershirt, simple vest of dark suede with seamless stand collar, skinny pants and riding boots. Wow, this time I’m not even dressed in suede from heat to toe (as I usually am).

I’m fond of this character’s emotion. I’ll feel a bit unaccustomed. You see, I usually play as hot Maedhros but now it’s almost an antithesis. Cool tranquility of fine water. 

A concept art of Halathirno’s (aka Laireel the Kingfish).

Thirno is a loyal subordinate of The House of the Swallow. The House of archer elves, swift, dexterous, often of Sindar origin.

Something urged me to draw a concept sketch of Tuor for our Journey to Gondolin taking place this summer.

The happy (I hope he is happy) owner of the character is Alexander Rogachev. The outfit will be made here: West Coast Workshop. 

Phew, now when the copyrights are considered I can turn to the picture. Firstly, I get endlessly stuck on his face x) Secondly, the same. The only human lord in Elven kingdom! He is supposed to be the dopest, and so are his clothes. So that nobody moans about “these retarded Edain”, you know. You have to keep up with Noldor-Sindar latest fashions, so to speak. (I wasn’t sure whether to draw the vest long-sleeved but in the end I didn’t. Though you are free to imagine it with sleeves).

It’s not hard to understand Idril I guess…

The Silmarillion aesthetics | Idril Celebrindal

for @nolofinwean-week  |  Day 6 – Idril

Oh, hello, Tolkien fandom. This is Glorfindel.
Read the tale. And smile. Smile without fail)

Gondolin chess 2  Maeglin 

The Silmarillion aesthetic | T u r g o n | King of Gondolin, The Hidden King

He was tall, wearing white with a gold belt and a crown of garnets, holding the Staff of Doom in his hand. At his side was Glamdring, the Foe-hammer.

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