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“You can call me Mithrandir,” Gandalf said, “or Randy, for short.“


*The Balrog wraps his whip around Gandalf*

Gandalf: Aragorn, the whip is wrapped around my robes. Use your sword to cut them off and then I can slip out and you guys can pull me up!

Aragorn: But then you’ll be naked

Gandalf: But I wont die

Aragorn: I just don’t know that I’m comfortable with all of this. Sorry!

boromirs: 30 Days of LotR: best use of magic …


30 Days of LotR: best use of magic

Gandalf + light

When you leave the group chat… 🦅

When you leave the group chat… 🦅

School tips

  • Never say that you’re studying. Tell people that you’re “delving into _____ lore.”
  • Don’t use moon runes on a test, unless it’s on Durin’s Day
  • When you find an interesting fact, pretend it’s on an old scroll, it’s taken you 17 years to find out, and it’s crucial in the fight against the Dark Lord
  • When you finally get your diploma, jump up and down holding it until you ironically fall into a stream of lava


Gandalf: So I hear you’ve been studying the history of rings?

Saruman: Yes, it’s been an area of great interest to me in our fight against Sauron.

Gandalf: so what have you learned?

Saruman: well…first, that rings are circular, and you can put your finger through them. There are lots of ring-shaped foods like donuts and some cereals. also rings are a symbol for love and commitment, which maybe tells us something about Sauron.

Gandalf: you have no idea about anything, do you?

Tolkien | Aesthetic “White shores, and beyon…

Tolkien | Aesthetic

“White shores, and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise.”
— Gandalf

*Photo by tolkienenthusiast


Saruman: I am Saruman of Many Colors

Gandalf: Why not Saruman of All Colors?

Saruman: I hate chartreuse


Denethor: can you sing, master hobbit?

Pippin: No, but I do know some funny limericks. There once was a Hobbit fro-

Gandalf: Pippin, no.


Theoden: Gandalf, you saved me! I must give you a gift! You can have anything except for Shad-

Gandalf: I want Shadowfax

Theoden: Ugh you’re the worst