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lay Fingolfin; and Morgoth set his left foot upon his neck,
and the weight of it was like a fallen hill. Yet with his last and desperate stroke Fingolfin hewed the foot with Ringil,
and the blood gashed forth black and smoking and filled the pits of Grond.
Thus died Fingolfin,

Sam: The brave things in the old tales and songs, Mr. Frodo: adventures, as I used to call them. I used to think that they were things the wonderful folk of the stories went out and looked for, because they wanted them, because they were exciting and life was a bit dull, a kind of a sport, as you might say.

Beren: what the fuck is he talking about?

Turin: I don’t know. A bit of sport? 

Fingolfin: I don’t mind describing fighting Morgoth as a bit of sport, honestly. 

Beren: He’s also forgetting the romance part. Adventures always have some romance, don’t you all think?

Turin: No. 

Fandom: Silmarillion, © ALEF Club, Journey to The Middle-Earth Project

Feanor —   The King.  Fingolfin — Mara. Photo—ALES.  Mua — The King. Workshop

Nolofinwëan week

60m fingolfin 


This was a commission last year 

Nolofinwëan week

I noticed so late… Fingolfin with Feanor’s lighting plate…

The Silmarillion aesthetics | I LOVE YOU 3000 | Nolofinwë


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Day 1 –  Fingolfin &



the success of Fëanorian Week and Gondolin Week with so many support and love from
you guys, and for tons of messages we ( @windrelyn ) have received since yesterday asking if
we are going to celebrate Nolofinwëan Week, we decided that…YES! We’re in!

Week 2019 will happen from August 4th
to August 10th, 2019
* for full seven days! Details for each day
is as follow.

Day 1 – August 4th: Fingolfin &

Day 2 – August 5th: Fingon

Day 3 – August 6th: Turgon & Elenwë

Day 4 – August 7th: Aredhel

Day 5 – August 8th: Argon

Day 6 – August 9th: Idril

Day 7 – August 10th: Maeglin

choose this particular period because it includes number “456”, which was the
year our High King Fingolfin challenged the Dark Lord Morgoth.

forms of fan works: edits, fanfics, meta, fan art, video, etc. is accepted and

To participate, please add #nolofinweanweek
to your posts.

As always, our box is open for any questions and suggestions!

The Silmarillion aesthetic | F i n g o l f i n |

Time stands still

of all Noldor
A star in the night and a bearer of hope
He rides into his glorious battle alone
Farewell to the valiant warlord

Blind Guardian – Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)

art Silmarillion Heraldry by Aglargon

Now news came to Hithlum that Dorthonion was lost and the sons of Finarfin overthrown, and that the sons of Fëanor were driven from their lands. Then Fingolfin beheld the utter ruin of the Noldor, and the defeat beyond redress of all their houses; and filled with wrath and despair he went to his room, ate half a box of cookies while crying,  and took a four hour long depression nap.