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Once in a blue moon my outfit is not the last to be drawn) 

So, casual outfit. To fence, ride and so on. Complex undershirt, simple vest of dark suede with seamless stand collar, skinny pants and riding boots. Wow, this time I’m not even dressed in suede from heat to toe (as I usually am).

I’m fond of this character’s emotion. I’ll feel a bit unaccustomed. You see, I usually play as hot Maedhros but now it’s almost an antithesis. Cool tranquility of fine water. 

A concept art of Halathirno’s (aka Laireel the Kingfish).

Thirno is a loyal subordinate of The House of the Swallow. The House of archer elves, swift, dexterous, often of Sindar origin.

Dreamworks, let me go

Look what beautiful people exist on Earth. Completely different. And I’m absolutely in love with them *O* Here is a Lakota Indian – Little Creek. The one hanging around the prairies with Spirit.

Why don’t I ruin our childhood with Spirit humanization. The horsey is clueless. And angry, just in case %)

 Oh, whose face was smashed with these knuckles? >:3

It’s not me, it’s my hands >.> 

When you’ve found yourself a better plague doctor. Sounds like a betrayal but I’ve been loyal for too long and in vain x)) Every time I make it I remember the words of one of my followers – I am an “artist of moods”. Well, yes. Passed the trial, without a doubt. SWEET DREAMS.

May you always have the same amount of irrepressible energy as this wild guy has! (Kida, Disney’s Atlantis).

This is the second portrait from “The Law” series which wasn’t supposed to be a series in the first place though. I was just drawing Gavin but got carried away. Now the thing is almost philosophical (for those who can look into symbolism). 

Stereotypes – part 4. 

The last part. And everything is going to be okay, right?)

– Tomorrow at 9, at the coffee shop.

– You buy me a coffee.