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“Never ever” – part 2.

A story from “Hard life of Gavin Reed” artbook.

The divine eye of Elijah Kamsky, who has made a mistake. Neither the first, nor the last one, but he will accept his screw-up with dignity.

– Shit.

– I’m so sorry, Gav. I will fix it. One day I’ll definitely fix it, I promise.

“The cold never bothered me anyway.”

 “Never ever” – part 1.

A story from “Hard life of Gavin Reed” artbook

As I’ve already said, my headcanon is that Kamski and Reed are relatives. Maybe, stepbrothers or whatever. But they are family. And it seems that Elijah has just screwed up, as far as Gavin is going to be so furious that they won’t communicate for about ten years. What do you think could happen?

– Never ever will I ask you for anything again, bastard. I’d rather die than ask for your help.

“Let’s face it” – all parts.
A story from “Hard life of Gavin Reed” artbook.

By the way, not so long ago, wonderful Julia Sabitova ordered a picture for her friend’s birthday. The idea was to draw the birthday girl as a brave elven archer with a wise powerful guard. In my opinion, this is insanely cute! I wish everyone had such friends)

August Pansky asked me to draw Kamsky as a commission. And you can’t even imagine HOW MUCH I MISSED KAMSKI. In short, someone is distracting the tough guy from the game.

“Let’s face it” – part 8.

A story from “Hard life of Gavin Reed” artbook.

The last page  =)

– I really did.

Who is watching you from the darkness? Who is looking at you from the other side of the mirror? Who is laughing on the inside of your mind?

“Let’s face it” – part 7.

A story from “Hard life of Gavin Reed” artbook.

I like to imagine that Gavin also lives in a private house, not in an apartment. An empty lawn, a pair of trimmed bushes. Minimalism.

“I’m home, baby.” You have no idea how much I missed you.

 Let’s continue the show. The second commission for Eisen. RK900 and Connor, smashed and faded with sedatives… I am probably not that curios anymore about what’s going on there XDD

But knowing the brothers well – no wonder they were given sedatives. Just in case.

Let’s fucking… grab some… spirit from the anesthetists…