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Hey, we’ve come bearing good news, guys….

Hey, we’ve come bearing good news, guys. There are some art prints left after Christmas (soft touch paper, thick, A6). You can find them here or write a direct message. We also have a couple of sticker packs for Fantastic beasts fans :3

Detective Reed hasn’t seen his brother f…

Detective Reed hasn’t seen his brother for years, long enough not to remember him on his birthdays, not to remember even at all. Like “I have nothing in common with this jackass, even our family names are different”.

Detective Reed has already been drinking for two weeks, and he has begun ignoring phone calls from the police station. At Christmas Eve somebody rings the doorbell and Reed thinks he has completely lost his mind. His brother gives him a tight hug. “Come here, Gav. Everything is gonna be alright”, his brother says.

And somehow Gavin believes him.

To love is to care. Even if you know androids …

To love is to care. Even if you know androids do not feel cold. Even if you see how he charges string lights with his energy himself. Even the strongest enjoy waking up and seeing that somebody has covered them with a warm lap blanket.

RK800 wakes up and thinks about who it could be. Kamski? Gavin? Markus? Come to think of it, it’s great when in such cases a few variants come to mind. RK800 thinks he is happy to know he is loved.

A new commission. A picture for wonderful Mali…

A new commission. A picture for wonderful Malika, an illustration to her fanfiction. After watching “Beasts” it’s much merrier to draw a crossover of HP and Detroit %) Thanks to you I remembered all the years I had spent in Hogwarts and recalled fighting spells and spells of other types along with methods of casting them x) WhatrUdoing. And take the Dementors from Markus…

Now I want to print this motto and stick it to…

Now I want to print this motto and stick it to the door to see it every morning and to remember: FIGHT IS PROHIBITED X))

Well, Gavin and Connor are depicted here like it usually happens in
cartoons when a cute small animal growls at villains, they run away, and
then we see that actually there is a beast behind the animal. Gavin is
like “Well-well, guys, you’d better not fool around”. Connor: *glares.
glares very expressively*. The villians end up confessing their sins and
retiring to a monastery %)


Thought Kamski had disappeared? But he might have had a vacation… probably in Hawaii, come on…

Markus and Simon. It was suuuch a delight to d…

Markus and Simon. It was suuuch a delight to draw this commission. These
are illustrations to the fanfiction of wonderful Malika (“Harry Potter”
and “Detroit: Become Human” crossover), link attached herein :3

In order not to spam I have been trying to re…

In order not to spam I have been trying to resist posting this but you
guys are gorgeous! т_т Thank you for loads of feedback and photos you
send; honestly, I did not expect to get such feedback, it is my pleasure
motivating me to draw and to make new stuff. If I don’t die at work
I’ll make it to my tablet at last…

For now have a look at
beautiful Vera Kalashnikova, Nyura Bardakova, Sonya Daubert (to be
precise, her beautiful floor or desk, idk x)) and Nadezhda Tanskaya. My
followers are the best *O*

It has been a long time since I just posted ar…

It has been a long time since I just posted art) Well, who else could it
be – Kamski, the one I begin to draw with. It is almost a tradition

It’s a special delight to draw him in working clothes.
Clothes not for meeting cops in a luxurious swimming pool, not for
receptions, not for showing off. Here he is, just a geek (there are no
ex-geeks, you know) doing his stuff; being disturbed by you accidentally
he is just sitting dressed in his 10$ hoodie not giving a shit about
what a genius should wear.

Pre-order until October 25!CLICK HERE FOR FULL…

Pre-order until October 25!


Please read attentively not to miss
anything. Firstly, we shipped all previous pre-orders, all of them
(that’s why we can list this one)! Secondly, you can order from 19 to 24
October only, so that we print all the stuff before Halloween and not after.

What can be ordered:

Limited postcard with Eddie and Venom
Special Halloween sticker pack
T-shirt with Eddie and Venom

We ship to any city. How to order – mail to us or buy on Etsy.

Postcard details:
A6, thick, soft touch cover (this velvety one you like)

Sticker pack details:
A5, paper (not film)
most favorite horror fairy tales featured. Eddie and Venom (MARVEL,
Venom), Connor and a shot in his head (Detroit: Become human),
Void-Stiles (Teenwolf), Tate Langdon (American horror story). And many
atmospheric items and animals to boot! A stoned fox as well. There are
23 stickers in the pack, none of them published before! %)

T-shirt details:
Black. Cotton, no synthetic materials.
image (bigger than A4). You can choose the size: unisex S (male XS-S,
female XS-S-M), unisex M (male S-M, female S-M-L). A cry from my heart,
guys – never print small edition t-shirts!!! It’s costly and tiring, a
real disaster >.<“

The meaning of "limited”
It means
you can order the stuff only now. And you cannot order after Halloween. I
am printing it one time only, without any additional printing. One part
will be sent to those who pre-ordered. The other part will be on sale
on StarCon in St Petersburg. There is a slight possibility that a couple
of items will remain and be available for sale. But the chances are
slim indeed, so if you want it – it’s better to pre-order. The quantity
is limited! The early bird gets the worm. Pre-orders can be closed ahead
of time.