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Denethor: I asked Sauron to look into Aragorn’s history. Sauron is a great guy by the way. Aragorn claims to be a dunedain and a descendent from the true kings of Gondor but the only proof he can give is from an elf who’s never even been to Gondor and doesn’t know anything about us. Aragorn is just trying to overthrow me using fake information. I’m the true king of Gondor. 

Gandalf halted before a tall door of polished metal. ‘See, Master
Pippin, there is no time to instruct you now in the history of Gondor. Do as I bid! It is scarcely wise when bringing the news
of the death of his heir to a mighty lord to speak over much of the
coming of one who will, if he comes, claim the kingship. Is that

“Don’t worry about it,” replied Pippin. “I’m great at meeting people. I’ll give him the ol’ razzle dazzle.” He entered the Great Hall. 

“What?” said Gandalf. 

On one hand, Aragorn was the true king and Denethor was the steward. But Aragorn lived to an old age and was kinda boring, and Denethor chose the hour of his death by falling from a tower while on fire. So which one really carried on the dramatic spirit of Numenor?

Denethor: All the East is moving. And even now the wind of thy hope cheats thee and wafts up Anduin a fleet with black sails. The West has failed. 

Palantir: oh man, I totally tricked you. I got you, bro. April fools, dude, that’s secretly Aragorn! You’re gonna be so surprised when you find out! It’s gonna be great, and…oh, wait, you just killed yourself. Whoops. 

If Denethor knew he had the option, he would have sang in front of Mandos to get Boromir back. Probably would have traded in Faramir to sweeten the deal. 

If Denethor despaired into madness, and Aragorn was valiant…I kind think that Denethor was actually a more accurate successor to the line of Numenor. Maybe he should have been king after all.

Honestly, who is worse?

  • Denethor OR Wormtongue?

Denethor: can you sing, master hobbit?

Pippin: No, but I do know some funny limericks. There once was a Hobbit fro-

Gandalf: Pippin, no.

Theoden: dead wife

Denethor: dead wife

Thranduil: dead wife (in the film)

Elrond: departed, tortured wife

Aragorn: wife that chooses to be mortal and will die


middle-earth meme: five scenes (3/5) ➝ denethor sends faramir to osgiliath

“You wish now that our places had been exchanged… that I had died and Boromir had lived.”
“Yes. I wish that.”