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You won’t run far, more likely you will …

You won’t run far, more likely you will get hit by a coin right between your eyes. And a new sticker pack of good boy Connor, RK800.

Size: A5. You can buy them here

We ship worldwide, as many sheets as you want.

Stereotypes – part 4. 

Stereotypes – part 4. 

The last part. And everything is going to be okay, right?)

– Tomorrow at 9, at the coffee shop.

– You buy me a coffee.

Stereotypes – part 3.

Stereotypes – part 3.

Gavin cannot lie >.> While watching many movies and TV series I was dreaming about characters behaving THIS WAY. As they say – self-help is the best help. 

– But I thought that…

– And I think it’s necessary to break down the stereotypes.

– I don’t want to go crazy over you, keep silent about that and suffer. Like in a soap drama.

Stereotypes – part 2.

Stereotypes – part 2.

I’m flawed. I cannot make memes or jokes but I can make kind of philosophical comics. 

All problems of characters from almost any piece of work are caused by conversation avoidance. Believe me, if you just talk – it’ll make things better for everyone. Gavin talks up. Gavin is the man. Be like Gavin. 

– I like you.

– Meaning?..

– Meaning I sometimes imagine us going to coffee shops, parks and stuff like that, yeah. 

Stereotypes – part 1.

Stereotypes – part 1.

A new comic of small volume. I’ll post a page every day, don’t miss it. You can find the full work + work-in-progress materials on Patreon.

Post-revolution, Connor wears his favourite black shirt but he also wears his CyberLife uniform jacket out of principle. Since he is not going to pretend he is a human – he is good with being himself.

– Hey, dipshit.

– Need to talk.

– At your service, detective.

Soon you’ll see the last picture from &l…

Soon you’ll see the last picture from “The Law” series (omg, I wonder when I started drawing arts in series). You-know-where to see it right now, free access so far.

Connor here is a perfect implementation of a policeman for me. All these cool cops with German shepherds from American TV series. That’s exactly how he was designed)

Have the naughtiness in full =)

Have the naughtiness in full =)

*Sees Connor*

Don’t say it (many times)

– Hey, dipshit

“Good morning” – part 2.

“Good morning” – part 2.

Or how to promptly wake an android up.

I hid 18+ content behind the bar, full version can be seen on Patreon.

– Gavin?

– Don’t you dare switch your phone off. Damn it…

– I’m coming.

Actually, Simon Lynch requested only one pictu…

Actually, Simon Lynch requested only one picture (the one signed and belonging to him the same way my heart belongs to Gavin) but I GOT CARRIED AWAY. So here you are. 

“Good morning” – part 1.

– What dirt should I do to feel good…

– The stupid tin must be still knocked out.

– No matter, he’ll wake up.

 What should I say… Gavin learnt to win…

 What should I say… Gavin learnt to wink like people do.