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You asked for it, so we’ve done it!
The book is now available! Moreover, it may be shipped all over the world.
In this book you can read about Gavin Reed’s complicated life. The exclusive pages cannot be found anywhere else. You will also receive a small gift from the author if you order it before the New Year’s Eve.

A bit about the comic book:

Format: A5
Number of pages: 24 (colored)
Rating: 16+
Language: Russian
Translation: English (attached)

The product can be viewed here:
You can choose a gift here:

“Let’s face it” – all parts.
A story from “Hard life of Gavin Reed” artbook.

“Let’s face it” – part 8.

A story from “Hard life of Gavin Reed” artbook.

The last page  =)

– I really did.

“Let’s face it” – part 7.

A story from “Hard life of Gavin Reed” artbook.

I like to imagine that Gavin also lives in a private house, not in an apartment. An empty lawn, a pair of trimmed bushes. Minimalism.

“I’m home, baby.” You have no idea how much I missed you.

 Let’s continue the show. The second commission for Eisen. RK900 and Connor, smashed and faded with sedatives… I am probably not that curios anymore about what’s going on there XDD

But knowing the brothers well – no wonder they were given sedatives. Just in case.

Let’s fucking… grab some… spirit from the anesthetists…

 Good morning. A commission for Eisen Herzog. I have… no idea what is going on there. Share your weed with me %)

 "Let’s face it" – part 4.

A story from “Hard life of Gavin Reed” artbook.

Actually they were on duty all the while. Reed was drawing a crossword puzzle and asking Connor tricky questions. According to the game rules he was supposed to answer the same number of questions in return. But Reed is Reed. He gives a promise – he takes it back %)

10 questions to Reed

– I lied, tin



– But you promised to

 "Let’s face it" – part 3.

A story from “Hard life of Gavin Reed” artbook.

Connor, go bite the bar…

– No.

– I told you no!

– I strongly recommend you to get off before it gets worse.

(Fuck. Dammit).

#7 questions later

– Well, now it’s your turn.

“Let’s face it” – part 2.

A story from “Hard life of Gavin Reed” artbook.

Headcanon time – I like imagining that after Revolution Kamski continued perfecting the “innovative model” and helped Connor get an upgrade allowing him to convert organics into energy. Basic nutrition remains the same, but it’s a pleasant bonus. The last frame originates from eternal fandom questions x)

#3 Can you eat organic food?

Well, this donut seems more like chemicals… But yeah, after getting an upgrade I can eat.

#4 What is happiness for you?

It’s like for everybody, I guess? To understand you are in the right place and do not live in vain.

#5 Do you have a dick?

Are you serious? Check it yourself.

“Let’s face it” – part 1.

A story from “Hard life of Gavin Reed” artbook.

I’ve always loved the fact Connor hasn’t tried to pull the diode out as many deviants do.


#1 How do you have rest and relax?

I feel relaxed when I cut Internet connection. No connection – and instead of noise there is this distinct emptiness.

#2 Why don’t you get rid of the diode?

What for? Those who want to be seen as a human do it. I don’t want to pretend. I know who I am and I don’t see a reason to hide it.