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Positive music and pics are back! I’m gonna post several finished commissions for Jarvis Stark. I won’t tag the owner of the characters, just remember that this guy + next two guys belong to him)

This is Christy Walsher, a surgeon, partly Irish. Also he is the boyfriend of that guy with Bible writings on his neck. To be sure %) There is also a “work-in-progress” tutorial, you-know-where it can be found.

A girl requested by Midgard’s Daughter. Her name is Winter, very beautiful and of character >:3 Everybody has such dope OCs, wanna draw them infinitely *O*

Along with the portrait I made a couple of headers for Malika’s workshop. I rarely admire people that much. A person himself/herself, not even his/her art or achievements. So to speak… she is amazingly _alive_. She follows the principles I aspire. She is bright, free, sincere and she is a character herself. I can only dream about a friend like her as she is a stunningly strong and kind person. I’ve never ever wanted to see somebody IRL this much =)

She is also going to be the prototype of one of the heroines of The Green Stone. It’s between you and me, you know :3

Rakhael requested this young man (not human, probably). I have no idea who he is and what caused these scars on his face but I hope he will be fine)

Three more commission sketches for Alex. Nobody seems to have explained this boy that it’s not allowed to play with food. These cops and donuts %)

 Let’s start a day with a picture for my most wonderful requester! Malika is one of the brightest and most positive people I know. I always draw for her with pleasure as she supports me a lot and creates the mood urging me to work three times harder. Besides, she is an incredibly beautiful princess of my life. Elder Wand in her hand looks pretty scary though XDD

Some commissions ive done