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Albino boy Chisaki for a foreign client.

My favorite time is when the new season of Travels approaches. This
time we are going to visit place called Grinding Ice. So here is new
requested concept of Glorfindel for Alexei (who will take his role
during this journey). Pants with lacing, long
shirt with stand collar, warm thick vest with belts, waistband with
armorial clamp, gloves and quilted arm warmers on top. Cape made of
bright thin wool with fur collar. Swim with Aeroflot trains >: 3

Since CS I have been requested some animals. So today let’s
rejoice at this colored sketch of this amazing boy. :3 Felix belongs to Oleg Volkov. 

So, evil spirits. I declare the night chat opened. This is a request for
Righteous Sinner. This is a rare case when two headshots were requested
and I drew the whole piece х))
It is all due to my big love to Winchester

Octavo and his curiosity. For Alex Peredery. Probably, the last picture for today >: 3

 Good morning. A commission for Eisen Herzog. I have… no idea what is going on there. Share your weed with me %)

A commission. If you think you have a good imagination… If you think you have any imagination – you haven’t had a talk with Lynch and his crew. Or with the crew and their Lynch. Doesn’t matter.

The point is that this is Reed in a kilt. And I DO KNOW why he has become like this. And you don’t. You can try finding out if you happen to be entrusted with this secret.

And for now let Clan Douglas forgive me. And the song is Irish, not Scottish.

Possess and eye him, my dear, the dude is yours >:3

Here is the cyborg being chased by the cop. His name is Corai. His father is Turkish, mother – German. This character felt alien to me. Cuz there is this NEON thing. I mean my usual faded colours do not fit in and I had to… contrive a bit %)

Continuing posting original stories. This is a cop. Absolutely my type of character, easy to draw and to colour as the colours are the ones I’m used to… You’ll understand why I mentioned it. So, this cop is chasing a cyborg.