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Elrond: Frodo, if I have read aright all that I have heard, I believe that you are meant to be the ringbearer, and if you cannot find a way, no one will. 

Elrond: *immediately texting Cirdan* hey get your boat ready. There’s no way Sauron isn’t gonna win. I’m heading over to Valinor ASAP. 

My bio professor: I was looking over your exam. For the building blocks of DNA, you wrote “Aragorn, Theoden, Cirdan, and Gimli.”

Me: yeah I was being humorous, you know? The letters are the same, and –

My bio professor: I think you need to see the school psychologist, okay?

Cirdan. Concept for “Shores of Mithrim” from “Journey to the Middle-Earth” cosplay project.

More art: ALES

How long is the trip from the Grey Havens to Valinor? Is there onboard entertainment? Does Cirdan serve snacks?

Elf: *arriving in Valinor* hey cirdan I accidentally left my favorite bow back in middle earth, can we run back and get it?