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Boromir, the ring is toxic and asking to use it is super problematic. If you keep doing that we’re gonna have to cancel Gondor. 

Boromir: One last thing. How do we know that, when the ring is destroyed, the power in it won’t just return to Sauron? It is his power, after all, we’re just setting it free from the ring. 

Elrond: because…because…that’s just probably not going to happen, okay Boromir? Why do you have to question everything? It’s going to be fine. 

Boromir: you must be pretty special, little hobbit, to have been chosen for this great honor.

Frodo: thank you. I mean, someone has to carry the ri-

Boromir: yes, not many are worthy of going on a quest with Boromir the Great. You must be special indeed. Now, what are we doing again? Saving Minas Tirith? Let’s get going.

Spiderman: Far From Home reminds me a lot of the scene in Lord of the Rings where Boromir does his whole ring monologue, if Frodo had said, “you know what, that sounds great. You totally should have the ring. Here you go. I can’t want to see what you do with this.”

It was left out of Frodo’s manuscript, but when Elrond told Boromir that no one in the council should wield the One Ring, Boromir called them all a bunch of beta cucks who were afraid to step up and be real men. This led to a heated exchange in which Elrond claimed that elves were the real alphas and the entire race of men were betas. 

Boromir: i think you should give the ring to me, to aid in Gondor’s fight against the enemy.

Elrond: Boromir, we can’t! It’s not safe to wield the ring!

Boromir: Today is my birthday, Elrond. Do you have something besides the ring to give me as a gift?

Elrond: *whispering* shit, I don’t have anything else…

Boromir: I had a dream to seek for the sword that was broken…

Elrond: yes, that is here?

Boromir: oh, is it a specific sword? You elves lost so many fights against Morgoth I figured you had a ton of broken swords. I didn’t know which one it was referring to. 

For his entire time in the Fellowship, Boromir thought that Pippin’s first name was “Foolofa.”

In a hard to find but crucial Fellowship deleted scene, Boromir pulls a few dumbbells out of his sack and begins doing bicep curls in front of Aragorn near the doors of Moria. 


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but in gondor in after-days it long was said that the elven-boat rode the falls and the foaming pool, and bore him down through osgiliath, and past the many mouths of anduin, out into the great sea at night under the stars.