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My new theory on why Bilbo was allowed to move to Rivendell was that the elven economy was basically stagnant and Bilbo was rich and they were hoping he’d create some jobs or something.


I appreciate that Bilbo’s mithril coat costs more than the Shire, but is there anyone in Middle Earth that can afford that? Is anyone still buying mithril in the fourth age? Where are my hella rich Gondorian 1% who are looking to splurge on an awesome coat?

Do we sit back while others claim what is r…

Do we sit back while others claim what is rightfully ours? Or do we seize this chance to take back Erebor? Du Bekâr! Du Bekâr!


There and Back Again (A Poem for Bilbo)

From hobbit hole to Elven dale,

My path has led me there.

Beyond all comforts known to me,

But go I must with care.

From Elven dale to Goblin Town,

My path has led me so.

Beyond the safety of my home,

Still farther I must go.

From Goblin Town to Elvish wood,

My path has led me far.

To places never seen before.

Yes, I have travelled far.

From Elvish wood to dragon hoard,

My path has led me thus.

And many things I’ve seen by now,

Alas, back home I must.

On homeward roads, I journey now,

Through wood and narrow glen,

And think of all I saw as I

Went there and back again.

[Poem by tolkienenthusiast]




Smaug: My armor is like tenfold shields, my teeth are swords, my claws spears, the shock of my tail is a thunderbolt, my wings a hurricane, and my breath death!

Bilbo: Hey, can I ask you something? Why did you use both metaphors and similes? Why not just stick with one? It’s kind of confusing. 

Smaug: What?

Bilbo: Well your armor is like tenfold shields, but then your teeth are swords. Isn’t that confusing? Why not keep it consistent by saying your teeth are like swords?

Smaug: I’m just going to eat you now. 


Right now I’m definitely in the boring Bilbo phase of life, but I’m looking forward to my Mad Baggins phase, when I’m super rich, look great for my age, and corrupt the youth with my stories. 


When he decided on doing a Hobbit sequel, Tolkien chose to make it about the magic ring that Bilbo found. However, he thought about a few other options first:

– the black arrow only temporarily wounded Smaug, who is still alive, and very angry

– Elrond has been kidnapped and the only clue left behind is in moon-letters, which no one can read

– the necromancer was Beorn all along, and now he needs to be stopped

– the Shire kicks Bilbo out for being weird and he needs to find a place to live


of course bilbo stole the arkenstone, the entire book is about him connecting with the side of his family whose name is “took”

The Return of the King – The End

The Return of the King – The End:

I love the note on which they decided to end these films — with a door, relating back to how it all started. It all started many years ago when Bilbo Baggins stepped out of the door to go on an adventure. An adventure during which he found a seemingly insignificant ring. An adventure after which he was never the same again.