Category: Bard the Bowman

Smaug was one of the last dragons in existence, and I like to imagine Middle Earth PETA trying to stop Bard from killing him

Thranduil: So how did you know about the weakness in Smaug’s armor?

Bard: a little bird told me.

Thranduil: who was it? the battle is over, no need to keep it a secret. 

Bard: no it was a literal small, talking bird. 

Thranduil: Oh. 

Thranduil: This place is so weird. 

The Hobbit takes place like 60 years before LotR and ends with some dude shooting a giant dragon down with a bow and arrow, which makes it a little confusing why in LotR no one knows how to deal with the flying Nazgul

“You are more worthy to wear the armour of elf-princes than many that have looked more comely in it.”

“Give us your answer! Will you have peace or war?”

“I will have war.”

“You started this, Mithrandir. You will forgive me if I finish it.”

His rage passes description – the sort of rage that is only seen when rich folk that have more than they can enjoy suddenly lose something that they have long had but have never before used or wanted.”