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Aragorn: Bilbo, Elrond told me that you needed me to help finish a poem? What can I do?

Bilbo: Let me read you what I have so far. 

Bilbo: *recites completed Earendil Was a Mariner poem*

Aragorn: That, uh, sounds pretty fine. What part did you need me for?

Bilbo: I just wanted you to hear how awesome my poetry is. 


My bio professor: I was looking over your exam. For the building blocks of DNA, you wrote “Aragorn, Theoden, Cirdan, and Gimli.”

Me: yeah I was being humorous, you know? The letters are the same, and –

My bio professor: I think you need to see the school psychologist, okay?


Wanderlust? No no, wanderlost. As in, not all those who wander are lost. Because I’m one of the Dunedain. 



And Aragorn the King Elessar wedded Arwen Undomiel in the City of the Kings upon the day of Midsummer, and the tale of their long waiting and labours was come to fulfilment.



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arwenundomiel: the fellowship of the ring (200…


the fellowship of the ring (2001)

“look after the others, especially sam. he will not understand.”

taurielsilvan:‘All is well,’ said Aragorn, tur…


‘All is well,’ said Aragorn, turning back. ‘Here are some of my own kin from the far land where I dwelt. But why they come, and how many they be, Halbarad shall tell us.’

‘I have thirty with me,’ said Halbarad. ‘That is all of our kindred that could be gathered in haste; but the brethren Elladan and Elrohir have ridden with us, desiring to go to the war. We rode as swiftly as we might when your summons came.’

‘But I did not summon you,’ said Aragorn, ‘save only in wish. My thoughts have often turned to you, and seldom more than tonight; yet I have sent no word. But come!…. You find us riding in haste and danger. Ride with us now, if the king will give his leave.’

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Denethor: So my son died in your company, and now the ‘true king of Gondor’ has arrived?

Gandalf: Yes it was quite tragic. Yours son’s sacrifice was noble indeed. 

Denethor: Uh huh. Well I’m sentencing you all to death for the clear and apparent murder of my son. 

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ARAGORN or legolas

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B: Give them a moment, for pity’s sake!
A: At night fall, these hills will be swarming with Orcs!