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Aragorn: We seek two of our friends whom the orcs had taken. They would appear small to you, like children. 

Eomer: We counted all of the dead, and there were no children among them.

Gimli: They weren’t children, they were halflings!

Eomer: Halflings! Those were just a legend to us! They’re real?

Aragorn: Yes, they are. 

Eomer: According to the old stories I’d heard about Halflings, they were hunted by the men of Rohan. I’d heard that they were delicious to eat. Is that true?


Aragorn: ………… I haven’t been able to find out yet…

The Fourth Age

Pippin: your majesty!

Aragorn: you don’t have to do that. Just call me Aragorn.

Merry: and pass up on a chance to call you your majesty? Not likely.

Pippin: *gesturing wildly* your excellence, this is madness. How could you suggest that?

Merry: your royal Aragornness, truly, we bow to thee.

Aragorn: please stop it.

Me: Aragorn is certainly mighty. Over the course of the books he transforms from a scruffy guy into a king. We see him have power over things, like the palantir. And he’s a ranger. That’s why I call him a mighty morphin power ranger.

Audience at Ted Talk: boooo, get off the stage!