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“Never ever” – part 2.

A story from “Hard life of Gavin Reed” artbook.

The divine eye of Elijah Kamsky, who has made a mistake. Neither the first, nor the last one, but he will accept his screw-up with dignity.

– Shit.

– I’m so sorry, Gav. I will fix it. One day I’ll definitely fix it, I promise.

“The cold never bothered me anyway.”

Arthur is dreaming of growing up

To make the difficult easier when he wakes up,

To make the words louder, to give them weight.

He knows, that it isn’t that hard to make.

He knows that to touch the sky you need to dive

Because water reflects both heaven and life

Arthur wants to become like the ancient kings:

Not to be afraid of love, not to lie, not to fear,

His heart does believe that his home is near, that it is within the reach.

Arthur is dreaming of growing up.

And the sun caresses his skin while he’s asleep on the beach.

Here is our boy. If someone has not recognized or is not yet familiar with him – this is the character from the “Green Stone” book

Journey to Gondolin concept for Vorsh. This is a daily sentinel cloak that can be either short or long with the help of a specially-attached lower layer.

This concept was made up for the House of Trees, so this piece should be convenient for a rider: there is a possibility to cover the shoulders and head, but to leave hands uncovered and even to remove the long “tail” of the cloak. The shirt is not white because, once again, the people of this House often deal with horses and it is unlikely that a fair thing will be convenient for work)

“Let’s face it” – all parts.
A story from “Hard life of Gavin Reed” artbook.

Octavo and his curiosity. For Alex Peredery. Probably, the last picture for today >: 3

“Let’s face it” – part 8.

A story from “Hard life of Gavin Reed” artbook.

The last page  =)

– I really did.

I like receiving commissions, it’s always challenging for me. It’s something that I would never draw for myself. Something unusual. 

Here is a portrait of an unusual guy for Vasilisa, who made up this character named Two-Face. He is a detective (as if i’m collecting detectives of all kinds), who, as you can see, can distinctly feel the Death.

An unexpected dog. I believe terriers could conquer the world. If they wanted to.

Who is watching you from the darkness? Who is looking at you from the other side of the mirror? Who is laughing on the inside of your mind?