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The Middle-Earth aesthetics | Tolkien (2019)

The Middle-Earth aesthetics | Thranduil, The King of Fall

The Silmarillion aesthetics |

M a e g l i n

for @nolofinwean-week  |  Day 7 – Maeglin

The Silmarillion aesthetics | Idril Celebrindal

for @nolofinwean-week  |  Day 6 – Idril

The Silmarillion aesthetics |

A r a k a n o

for @nolofinwean-week  | 
Day 5 – Argon

The Silmarillion aesthetics | A r e d h e l | The White Lady of The Noldor

for @nolofinwean-week  | 
Day 4 – Aredhel

The Silmarillion aesthetics | Valinor | Turgon and Elenwë

for @nolofinwean-week  |
Day 3 – Turgon & Elenwë

The Silmarillion aesthetics |

Fingon The Valiant

for @nolofinwean-week  |
Day 2 – Fingon

The Silmarillion aesthetics | I LOVE YOU 3000 | Nolofinwë


for @nolofinwean-week   | 
Day 1 –  Fingolfin &



the success of Fëanorian Week and Gondolin Week with so many support and love from
you guys, and for tons of messages we ( @windrelyn ) have received since yesterday asking if
we are going to celebrate Nolofinwëan Week, we decided that…YES! We’re in!

Week 2019 will happen from August 4th
to August 10th, 2019
* for full seven days! Details for each day
is as follow.

Day 1 – August 4th: Fingolfin &

Day 2 – August 5th: Fingon

Day 3 – August 6th: Turgon & Elenwë

Day 4 – August 7th: Aredhel

Day 5 – August 8th: Argon

Day 6 – August 9th: Idril

Day 7 – August 10th: Maeglin

choose this particular period because it includes number “456”, which was the
year our High King Fingolfin challenged the Dark Lord Morgoth.

forms of fan works: edits, fanfics, meta, fan art, video, etc. is accepted and

To participate, please add #nolofinweanweek
to your posts.

As always, our box is open for any questions and suggestions!