The Silmarillion aesthetic | Indis the Fair Th…

The Silmarillion aesthetic | Indis the Fair

There was a fair lady of the Vanyar,
Indis of the House of Ingwë, golden-haired and tall, and in all ways unlike Míriel.

had loved Finwë in her heart, ever since the days when the Vanyar and
the Ñoldor lived close together. In one of his wanderings Finwë met her
again upon the inner slopes of Oiolossë, the Mountain of Manwë and
Varda; and her face was lit by the golden light of Laurelin that was shining in the plain of Ezellohar
below. In that hour Finwë perceived in her eyes the love that had
before been hidden from him. So it came to pass that Finwë and Indis
desired to be wedded

Finwë loved her greatly, and was glad again.