This is Adam “Jason” Jones. Father…

This is Adam “Jason” Jones. Father is American, mother is British. So
here we have an already shining star named “JJ”. Actually, he hit on Lao
saying something like “Look – Jay and Jai, we’ll definitely get on”
just to get a cold answer “Your name is Adam, that’s how it’s on the

Yet Jones is not the kind of person to be offended by such nonsense.
being that stereotyped man of all girls’ dreams, he sends burning
kisses to his girlfriend in the States, calls her during breaks, and he
laughs in embarrassment after the fifth missed call asking the manager
what was said about him when he entered the institution that he already
has an unofficial fan club.

However, apart from having a nice
face and voice, Adam managed to develop determination, persistency and
some life strategy. Thus ascetic Lao, seen by Adam as a overly
complicated arrogant asshole, will have to undergo all the pressure
until Jay gets from his guard everything under the contract…