Book Thoughts | Associating Books with Seasons…

Am I the only one who associates certain books with certain seasons and will never read a given book outside that designated reading season? In particular, my favourite books, the ones I re-read yearly.

  • An example: I read The Lord of the Rings on a yearly basis, always starting with the first part (The Fellowship of the Rings) in the autumn of each year.

Should I, however, fail to do this for whatever reason, my entire reading schedule for the year will be disrupted and the experience of reading that book simply won’t feel ‘right’ (or in any case, not as right as it would if I had read it during the season I’ve come to associate it with).

Most often this is simply due to the fact that the events of the book take place in a particular season or perhaps it is in this season where the story begins:

  • Eg. The Fellowship of the Ring begins with Bilbo Baggins’s birthday celebration in September.

Or, if this is not the case, I may associate a book with the season in which I first read/received it:

  • Eg. I received The Silmarillion for the first time as a Christmas present and began reading it shortly afterwards. Therefore I’ve come to associate this book with late winter/early spring.