If he took the appearance of the moon as a sig…

If he took the appearance of the moon as a sign of hope, the fiery light that joined it some time later filled him with dread. Oh, at first he cherished the new light, fierce and hot, bathing the land in golden light. He was astonished by the multitude of colours that now appeared, delighted by the far-off birdsong and soothed by the warmth on his torn body; but when the light grew higher, it blinded him, and the black rock from which he hung grew scalding hot. His thirst grew ever more unbearable. He felt as though he were hung in a furnace. His head lolled back against the stone, and his eyes fell shut; memories appeared unbidden of his father working in the forge, explaining to him how to melt ores. Dazed by the intense heat, he drifted into illusions. © The tempered steel by Lyra


© ALEF Club, Journey to The Middle-Earth Project