me: hoe don’t do it
the music of the ainur: the fall of númenor
me: oh my god

nírnaeth arnoediad, a known gay

Albino boy Chisaki for a foreign client.

Royals are here. I made a bet that if there will be no one to take
Fingon’s role in winter travels in Middle-earth world, I will take it.
So I think you’ve guessed already %)

Costume of Noldor exiles
for passing through nasty ice. How many wolves tails were taken for the
cloak’s trims You shouldn’t have howled at night- it is so gloomy even
without you. I cant get rid of the habit of drawing him in tribal
motives and adding red accents to blue. The set is: shirt, thick pants,
padded quilted vest, belt, gloves, high half gloves, massive cloak from
blue wool with huge hood and some other little details)

there once was a the second kinslaying from angband…

fingon confirmed for 100 a lawsuit from the tolkien estates in a trenchcoat

Concept: Glorfindel is chosen for the fellowship instead of Merry and Pippin, but everything about their plot lines plays out the same anyways. Accidentally gets Gandalf killed, captured by orcs, munching on snacks after being rescued, reveling in Saruman’s pipeweed. 

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Yey, my first fan comic in english is here! =) You can preorder printed version till 24 jan. If retwit – you can win it as a gift from me. Good luck!


what is this? an a lawsuit from the tolkien estate for ants?