Making original jokes about Lord of the Rings is hard. The books have been out for over 60 years. I’m proud of myself for thinking of “One Ring to Rule the Mall” and someone already thought of that in 1985. It’s rough. 

I, for one, welcome our new humans overlords why am I like this

the plot of the next book should be: I’m not a doriath but I play one on TV why am I like this

“Never ever” – part 5.

A story from “Hard life of Gavin Reed” artbook.

I really like to draw Kamski in geeky t-shirts. The caption on this one says “technical service”, he stole it from ComicCon when he was young %) You could have already seen it among one of my old sketches. And Reed is terrible when enraged.

– How did you know?

– Detective. Long time no see. For about ten years?

– You do not get off the topic, Guppy (тут я хз что имеется в виду под карасем, перевел как хвостатый гуппи).

– You still have father’s last name.

– And, yeah… I’m sorry, Gav.

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20 minutes into dagor aglareb and chill don’t ever talk to me or my huan again

I am a:

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🔘someone dies

Boromir: One last thing. How do we know that, when the ring is destroyed, the power in it won’t just return to Sauron? It is his power, after all, we’re just setting it free from the ring. 

Elrond: because…because…that’s just probably not going to happen, okay Boromir? Why do you have to question everything? It’s going to be fine. 

nargothrond made money off the music of the ainur

thingol goes missing appreciation post

“Never ever” – part 4.

A story from “Hard life of Gavin Reed” artbook.

As for me, I never pick up the phone when an unknown number is calling. Reed is a thrill-seeker, indeed.

– Reed speaking.

– What do you mean the debt was paid off? By whom??

– Bitch…

The comics can be viewed here: